Jomblang Cave Trip

After arriving at the jomblang cave area, will do re-registration, payment, select boots, while waiting for the crew to prepare jomblang equipment.
goa jomblang - jomblang cave resort
Determine timing of the time caving begins and go to the mouth of the cave to queue install caving safety equipment by cave guides and down to the bottom of the cave using a tandem rope with pulley system.
goa jomblang - jomblang cave
At the bottom of cave with a view of an anctien forest, about 20 participants will be gathered to make a group. then 350m tracking to grubug cave which is famous called heavenly light, accompanied by a cave guide.
goa jomblang - jomblang cave
This is the end of the cave exploration, the light of heaven that can be seen at the end of the Jomblang cave passage. to be precise, light enters from the mouth of luweng grubug which is decorated with water vapor and water droplets from stalactites like light rain. in addition there is also a ravine under which there is an underground river flow. until the allotted time runs out, finish it back to the entrance to be pulled out of the cave.
goa jomblang - jomblang cave

Ticket Rp 500.000 /pax

Ticket including caving equipment, Guide, Insurance and Lunch box


Maximum Participants 80 pax/Day

Trip ini sangat sensitif bagi penderita hipertensi, 
mudah lelah, trauma tinggi (high phobia) 
usia min 7 tahun dan max 70 tahun (covered insurance).


In order to maintain the preservation of nature, the maximum visit quota is applied per day. For that maximum ticket booking 1 day before the schedule, so that we can check the schedule of tourist visits on that day.