Persiapan ke Goa Jomblang

Preparation before go to Jomblang Cave is very important because many caving participants come without knowing how the caving activities environmental conditions in Jomblang Cave.
As discussed in the previous article about caving activity In Jomblang Cave, this will focus more on preparation of items needed before starting the journey to Jomblang Cave so that it will be more efficient in carrying them, just like:

1. Clothes
Using clothes that are simple and ready to get dirty, for example short jeans and t-shirts.
Condition of the track in the cave is little bit muddy especially during the rainy season, the depth of the mud varies between 1-5cm so it's highly recommended to bring double clothes.
For footwear in jomblang cave trip already included in the trip package, so you only need to bring shoes/sandals. However, if the caving participants want to use their own shoes, there is no problem with the consequences of being dirty by mud or damaged by being hit by rocks.
To use excessive clothing such as dresses or shorts that tear easily is not recommended due to the process of descending using body hardness and the body is tied to a rope so that excess clothing will interfere with the safety objectives of the equipment and the journey in exploring the cave. So if you want to bring a special costume for shooting, it's better to keep it in a bag

2. Shocks
This is optional because the purpose of using these socks is to provide comfort to the soles of the feet, because the shoes provided by operator Jomblang cave with a limited size for a few people,
For example: your shoe size is 25cm, while the number of boots owned by operator of that size is only 5 pairs, and even then other participants have been forced to use the caving shoes with shoe sizes above 25cm, so the boots will be loose and can make the soles of feet blister. The use of socks will minimize the occurrence of blisters or injuries.

3. Camera
It is very valuable to capture the moment of scenery outside and inside the cave.
Even though in Jomblang cave there is a handyman service fotobut only take pictures of participants outside the cave and even then will be sale in photo prints ( hard file ).

4. Flashlight / Head lamp
Condition of track to get the "light of heaven" is very dark, so a flashlight will used as a walking. The cave exploration guide has brought a flashlight, but if you want to bring your own, that's fine too.

5. Mosquito repellent lotion
For participants who are not comfortable because of mosquito disturbances, they can use mosquito repellent lotion or something like that, because the conditions outside the cave are forest. This is mosquito habitats.

6. Mineral water

This trip for some people who rarely exercise is very draining.

with various types of terrain that is passed when exploring the cave such as uphill terrain, downhill , slippery roads, rocks and a fairly long trip duration, so bringing mineral water bottled is really needed

7. Tas ransel kecil
Functions as a storage bag for participant properties such as cameras, packaged drinks, flashlights, trash from drink bottles by yourself and many more.