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goa-jomblangLocated in Pacarejo village, Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency (see on google maps coordinates -8.028682, 110.638410 ) with the identity of the Kars Mountains which extends from part of Central Java through Gunungkidul and goes to side of part of East Java.

Natural phenomena are also presented in there, just like mountains, valley, high cliffs, caves, sinkhole, underground rivers which are still unexplored.

One of them is Jomblang cave has now been developed for a special interest tourist destination explore the cave to get to know biota, ancient vegetation, underground rivers, types of rocks and others that you can only get in Jomblang Cave.

Jomblang Cave is a vertical collapse doline type . This cave was formed due to the geological process of the subsidence of the soil and the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This collapse forms a sinkhole or well which in Javanese is called luweng.

2460649_20130714090403That's make it unique because at the bottom of the vertical cave, there is an ancient forest and the mouth of the horizontal cave with a diameter of about 50 meters is often called Jomblang cave

To entering Jomblang Cave with a depth of 60 meters , the manager provides special equipment which has followed caving standards in vertical caves. Tourists only need to bring equipment such as a change of clothes, socks and mineral water. As an illustration, the activity in the cave will pass through muddy tracks and humid room conditions as well as downhill and uphill terrain with a trip duration of -+ 3 hours (preparation and queuing for the process of going down and up -+ 2 hours and going down the cave - + 1 hour). The process of descending the vertical cave using a pulley system (dipper system) with a delay by the operator. The process of going up is more or less the same, with being pulled manually by several tens of 20 - 30 people.

This trip only one time per day, to purpose getting the timing of sunlight entering the cave which is often called "the light of heaven", so Advance book is needed

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This is trip review Jomblang Cave - Yogyakarta

Jomblang Cave Trip Review

A 60 m deep single-shaft with a diameter of 50m formed by dissolution and collapse of 15-20 million years old limestone. This occurred after the limestone was uplifted from sea floor about 1.8 million years ago. Bottom of collapse-sinkhole connected with a horizontal passage that ends at grubug cave. Grubug cave, a single-shaft of about 90m, is the deepest vertical cave in java island. The phenomenon of grubug underground river and upward view from the bottom is very amazing.